"I felt at home before I even started working here."

"Living the Data Adventure" is a series of interviews with our #InnovativePeople. The topic? 

Their experience working for Micropole BeLux and how they see the future through data. Read on to learn more about our next interviewee: Bader!


Find out from our Data Engineer Bader what it means to work at Micropole, and what passions drive our Innovative People outside of work. Want to know more? Watch the video and read on!

Bader, who are you? 

"Hi, my name is Bader."

"I love cooking and mixology! Combining different ingredients and inventing new recipes and flavors. I love sharing all the tasty dishes and cocktails I make with family, friends and colleagues."

bader round circle

What do you do at Micropole as a Data Engineer?

"On August 1, I started at Micropole as a Data Engineer, with a focus on Azure Cloud Services. I'm currently working on my first project, at a major health insurance company, where we will be migrating their on-premise system to the Cloud."

Why did you choose Micropole as an employer?

"In talking with several people at Micropole, I was convinced of their vision and passion for Data. The company and the team really appealed to me and I felt at home even before I started working here."

What do you like most about Micropole?

"What I love most about Micropole? The growth and learning opportunities to advance my career, as well as the interesting projects I work on from start to finish."

"The Microsoft team is fantastic, they have full confidence in me. This way, I feel like I can make a contribution, and that's really good. And 'last but not least', we have fun at the office too!"

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