Energy - Cloud agility in an SAP environment

To meet its changing needs, the network manager called on Micropole's expertise to improve the decision-making process, the customer experience and the company's performance through greater flexibility and agility.

Benefit from the agility of the Cloud in an SAP environment

Prior to the transformation, the IT environment was under constant pressure due to a lack of flexibility in the context of accelerating innovative initiatives.

Together with Micropole, the network manager then embarked on a profound transformation in order to migrate to an integrated analysis platform, combining state-of-the-art SAP solutions with a flexible and innovative Cloud environment.

Following a large-scale project that leveraged enterprise data as a key business asset and built an agile enterprise data platform, the network manager can now enable business use cases and support its organization's progress toward the new business standard.


The digital transformation has also enabled the optimization of expenses by using the PaaS services of hyperscaler platforms: services are activated and deactivated according to use cases, and the company only pays for what it needs, when it needs it.

Benoit Tancredi

Innovation is necessary

Migrating to an integrated analytics platform, combining leading SAP solutions with a flexible and innovative cloud environment, is essential to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

- Benoit Tancredi
Director Financial Transformation & Performance

The future of business lies in data.

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