Hyperscaler Integration

The Hyperscaler: the datacenter of tomorrow
In a traditional IT architecture, the overly strict allocation of resources often results in a sclerotic and unresponsive infrastructure. The evolution towards a single, hybrid or multi-cloud system is therefore a major strategic challenge for companies.

At Micropole, we work with our customers to design SAP-centric architectures adapted to new cloud-computing and big data usage, in order to guarantee continuous performance for huge volumes of data, at a more affordable cost.
Hyperscaler projects

Micropole carries out numerous projects in different sectors.

Partnership of 10+ years

with leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

40+ Certified Experts

Micropole's team of experts is SAP, AWS and Microsoft Azure certified and accredited.

A major lever of innovation

A Hyperscaler Infrastructure guarantees high levels of performance and redundancy, thanks to its horizontal scalability.

Your company benefits from high fault tolerance and high availability of your processes to ensure business continuity under all circumstances.

The cloud technology (hyperscaler), the innovative statistical approach and the predictive analytics models also allow you to benefit from new relevant data, to better anticipate and make strategic decisions as a business.

Discover how we enabled our client to improve their decision-making process, customer experience and performance through greater flexibility and agility with a hyperscaler infrastructure.

Technology Partners

Micropole supports its clients in designing and aligning their data-driven strategy with the latest market innovations. We integrate multiple technologies (Machine Learning, AI, IOT) in a SAP-centric environment, allowing our clients to benefit from all the added value available & stay ahead of their industry.