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Paul Kaisin

In difficult times, successful companies turn their data into information and harness its potential to challenge their business models and innovate.

Subsequently, they monitor their business information and use this knowledge to adapt their strategy using factual analysis and forward-looking simulations. It's a continuous process that adds significant value!"

- Paul Kaisin
Managing Director Micropole BeLux

By combining data created from multiple sources, you will enrich your business understanding, improve decision-making and processes, and potentially discover new business opportunities.

But it doesn't happen without the necessary 'transformation'! Watch both Zinnovants videos (most recent one on the bottom of the page) to find out what you need to do first to lay the foundation so your business can turn data into innovation.

The Zinnovants: turning data into innovation!

The 3 lessons of Zinnovants

Extract relevant information

Structure, clean and combine different data sources

Develop organizational knowledge

Share and integrate the above data within your organization

Turn them into business opportunities

By convincing people and mobilizing key resources with the knowledge gathered

What else can data do for you in terms of innovation?

Now that you know how to collect, process and use data in your business environment, it is time to go even further.

It's critical to think of data as a business asset. There are many ways to create value with data. But to do so, your business needs to set clear and strategic priorities.

That's why the Zinnovants created another video explaining how they learned to monetize their data. Watch the video below to find out more!

The Zinnovators: Data-Driven Innovation Strategies

To innovate with data, you must consider the following 3 strategic opportunities:

Improve the efficiency and resilience of your existing business.
Identify and seize new business opportunities.
Identify the essential knowledge to be developed and secured for the future.

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