"The cloud: a gas pedal in digital transformation" | DataNews

"The cloud is a gas pedal in the digital transformation with a financial impact," says Thomas Dallemagne in DataNews.

"Speed of implementation, while ensuring maximum security, stability and compliance: the cloud enables a radical change in the way IT resources are operated."


In his latest interview with DataNews, Thomas Dallemagne, Director of AWS CoE (Lucy in the Cloud) Director at Micropole, answers the most pertinent questions about the cloud.

He shares his views on the debate around private, public and hybrid clouds. In addition, Thomas highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the cloud and gives his opinion on the current "multi-cloud" craze.

Thomas Dallemagne

The strengths of the cloud are numerous!

We have the flexibility, the speed, the elasticity, the reduced maintenance and the 'toolbox' aspect with managed services. But the weak point is the need for organizational change and good governance to keep costs and risks under control.

- Thomas Dallemagne
Director AWS CoE of Micropole / Lucy in the Cloud

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You will find below the link to the full article, but you can also contact directly the expert in the field: Thomas Dallemagne!

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