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"Valuing data in a simple and pragmatic way" | DataNews

"Expensive projects with no business objective that lead nowhere serve no company," says Paul Kaisin, managing director, in DataNews.

"A strategic thinking exercise should be the beginning of a transformation process around data, a pragmatic approach is then deployed to achieve results quickly."


In his latest interview with DataNews, Paul Kaisin explains how companies can really harness the value of data. He points out that, contrary to what many companies think, the challenge is not in the technology part, but in how a company organizes itself around data.

In addition, Paul Kaisin explains how IT needs to evolve from a mere 'IT department' to an 'Innovation Center'. This will allow the business and IT to work in tandem to create innovative solutions that will serve the company's goals.

Paul Kaisin

To work with data effectively, you need to be aligned with the company's strategy.

In practice, this means first of all In practice, it comes down to a transformation of the organization. Valuing data is not just about technological a technological transformation.

- Paul Kaisin
Managing Director Micropole BeLux

Want to know more?

Below is the link to the full article, but you can also contact the expert directly: Paul Kaisin!

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