Cloud Acceleration

Vision Cloud

Vision Cloud
The cloud will allow us to bring agility, flexibility and innovation to the data strategy we develop with our customers.

While keeping in mind that the Cloud remains a tool, is not an end in itself and is certainly not a miracle solution.
Adopt the cloud quickly

If you as a company don't want to miss out on the current technology revolution, you can't ignore the cloud.

The company ready for AI

The capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning are limitless.


...thanks to the rapid deployment of PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions and an architecture that adapts to use-cases.

Indeed, the basic architecture is no longer a subject of discussion for the start of a new project. We can quickly rely on the standard architecture offered by the cloud provider, only the choice and the control of the good components will be an asset in the success of the pilot.


...thanks to the provision of a flexible environment dedicated to innovation, the business will be able to discover, model and innovate its business without having to put in place a too structured process and without investing in a heavy IT infrastructure.

To provide maximum flexibility and the ability to validate ideas and visions for the future, the business often feels the need to have a very dynamic discovery and analytical modeling environment, which today is too often deployed as a "shadow IT" solution outside the scope of governance.

This shadow IT is generally fed in an unofficial way, is not necessarily governed, is not very efficient, lacks quality and can therefore result in inappropriate decision making.

Cloud-native platforms provided by AWS, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba allow the business to have continuous access to the governed data set, good performance with the latest technologies and capacity tailored to its needs while remaining in a governed, managed and integrated environment.


...thanks to the availability of all internal and external data, and to powerful and managed PaaS solutions (IOT, AI, Big Data, etc.).

Thanks to the combination of this data and predefined business functionalities, the business will be able to seize new revenue opportunities, be more connected with the actors of its sector, be more efficient in its core business, such as logistics, production, research and development for its products, ... and all this while measuring its environmental impact. For us, data-driven innovation will be the key to creating the ecosystem of tomorrow.

Technology solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and widely adopted global cloud platform that enables companies to reduce costs, increase agility, and innovate faster. 

The Microsoft Cloud Platform offers more than 200 integrated cloud products and services to help companies create new solutions to better meet the business challenges of tomorrow.

To innovate and create the greatest business impact, Micropole tailors these PaaS tools and frameworks to your business so you can easily manage and leverage your data in the cloud.

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