Data Governance

With the explosion in the volume of stored data a reality for everyone, it is important to become familiar with the concept by acculturating the entire enterprise. In the last few years, there has been an inflation of the term "data", which is used far too much by business leaders, but in reality, few people know what the concept actually covers. It is not an option to work on education as a prerequisite, otherwise how can we ensure that the players will take ownership of the projects to give them a chance to succeed?

Making data available

This prerequisite is all the more essential as data is intended to be shared and made available to the greatest number of people in the organization. In order to share a common objective and optimize communication, all of the company's players must have access to a minimum level of culture required according to their profile! Data must be made digestible to allow full exploitation and relevant understanding.

Capitalization, knowledge sharing and value creation are all tools that unite all business teams. A coherent tool that makes the Enterprise Data Platform effective: to constantly and collectively improve the new value obtained from data.

The tools are not everything, far from it, but they will make this complex collaborative project possible, and above all sustainable.

The implementation of a cross-functional data governance with strong internal support is essential for a successful data transformation!

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