"Databricks vs Snowflake" | Journal du Net

Thomas Dallemagne answers all the questions about Databricks vs Snowflake in this interview with JDN.

"Snowflake and Databricks are currently considered the two leading data platforms in the market."

In this Journal du Net article, we dive deep into the comparison of the two and determine their differences as well as their similarities.

After reading it, you should know exactly which of the two is best for your project!

Thomas Dallemagne

Still, Snowflake will be a better fit for teams from business intelligence and SQL, and Databricks for data engineering and data science teams.

- Thomas Dallemagne
Data Strategy Director

Created in 2013, Databricks, whose founders are behind the big data framework Spark, has historically built its popularity on a de facto dimension resolutely oriented towards big data and, ultimately, artificial intelligence. In contrast, Snowflake, which was founded in 2012, has historically presented itself as a full-cloud data warehouse. It is a massively distributed, managed vertical database with a robust SQL layer.

So, which one should you choose for your data project?

Read the full article here to find out!

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