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Once there were technical limitations, but now they have disappeared' | De Tijd

Companies have learned why they need to innovate, but still too little about how.

Companies that want to be data-driven should not only focus on technology," says Wim Haedens.

In this article, Wim Haedens discusses Micropole's approach, based on more than 30 years of experience in the world of data, technology and innovation. This approach is based on three pillars: " technology " (the platform you work with), " people " (your people and their skills) and " processes " (your organization and how it works).

It also reveals the "5 V's of data" and tells more about the latest advancement in the data world, more "prescriptive" thinking. In other words, how we are trying to use data in a more predictive way. 

Wim Haedens

The implementation of a modern data platform is not in itself an added value.

Therefore, we start by identifying relevant use cases and create a first version of the platform. Our pragmatic approach and the application of the right development methodology allow us to focus on the strategic processes.

- Wim Haedens
Director Microsoft Analytics CoE

One thing is certain: companies have learned why they should innovate, but still too little about how. This is exactly what we do at Micropole!

Our experts start the project from your business to create immediate value and solve data challenges.
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