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"Don't make projects too complex or they will miss their target" | De Tijd

"Organizations that want to focus around their data, need to consider the potential pitfalls during their transformation. In this way, they achieve the desired successes in a more targeted way."


Through four articles in De Tijd, Wim Haedens discusses the various potential pitfalls that companies can fall into when their ambition is to become a data-driven organization. In this fourth and final interview of the series, our Microsoft Analytics CoE Director focuses on the human aspect. He details the various points of attention that companies should consider in order to succeed in their transformation. See below in summary.

Wim Haedens

Work cross-functionally between departments and break down stereotypes.

Together, we're smarter. Have open communication. Involve each other in process optimization and decision making.

- Wim Haedens
Director Microsoft Analytics CoE

Is your interest sharpened?

Below is the link to the full article, but you can also contact the expert directly: Wim Haedens!

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