"I chose Micropole because I find the projects there very interesting."

"Living the Data Adventure" is a series of interviews with our #InnovativePeople. The topic? 

Their experience working for Micropole BeLux and how they see the future through data. Read on to learn more about our next interviewee: Didier!


Find out what it means to work at Micropole and what passions drive our Innovative People outside of their work through an interview with our Service Delivery Manager, Didier. Want to know more? Watch the video and read on!

Didier, who are you? 

"My name is Didier. I am 56 years old. I have many years of professional experience. I am married. I live in Brussels. I have a son."

"And I'm involved in, well, I have quite a few passions. I'm not a sports person, or I'm more of an armchair sports person. I like to watch sports on TV, but I'm not really a sports person."

"I mostly like reading, mostly thrillers. I read a lot of philosophy too. I cook a little bit, not too much. I really like desserts like, tiramisus. That's me!"

didier peters

What do you do at Micropole?

"I started at Micropole five years ago. I started in a more of a data engineer role."

"And then I became a Data Architect. And now I've taken over the position of Delivery Manager for the Lucy in the Cloud team."

"So my function now is in addition to participating in certain projects, it's also managing the teams with the idea of developing individuals, developing the people on the team, but also making sure that the quality of all of our projects is consistent and that we can deliver quality projects to our clients."

Why did you choose Micropole as an employer?

"I chose Micropole because I find the projects there very interesting. I've always had a passion for all things data. I started about 35 years ago working in an environment where data was very important."

"And with the evolution of technology and the evolution of platforms, I find Lucy in the Cloud to be an environment where we can leverage or, at least, I can leverage all the experience I've accumulated over the years and especially share most of it with my colleagues."

What do you like most about Micropole?

"My favorite values at Micropole are: collaboration, sharing and commitment."

"For me, what's important in a team is the human aspect. It's the aspect of working as a team."

"It's making sure that we get to meet goals, that we get to do a project, complete it in a positive way for both the client and the team, that everyone feels like they're in the same boat and that everyone is rowing in the same direction. To me, that's the most important thing."

"On top of that is the atmosphere. I find that in Lucy in the Cloud we try to develop a good team spirit, have a good time."

"And it's very important to me to do a job that I feel good about and that I can have fun in and that we can kind of have it all, 'have fun'!"

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