Innovation for DNA

Technology is evolving faster and faster, forcing us to adapt constantly.

Inspired since its creation by collective intelligence and the exploration of new territories through data and digital, our teams are passionately positioned at the heart of these issues, working to anticipate changes in the world.
Whatever your sector, whatever your business, it's essential to reconsider your activity in the light of the innovations and prospects open to you.

It is in this context that we provide support for the acculturation, reflection and implementation of innovation in your organizations, thanks to a dedicated team and our Open Innovation program.

Open Innovation

Since its creation, Micropole Group has maintained a culture of innovation by identifying emerging technologies and uses with the aim of offering its customers and #InnovativePeople ever more added value with a positive business impact. Open Innovation is more than an approach, it is an organization that must be in place. Our teams of experts, for many years, are invested to follow technological trends, detect, test and validate solutions / methodologies and startups that will enrich your data & digital projects. This culture of continuous R&D encourages the creativity of our employees and allows us to innovate collectively by establishing privileged relationships between startups, editors, researchers and your own teams.

Trust our experts: catalysts of innovation, they work in synergy to prepare your future today!

data driving innovation
Data driving Innovation!

Data for innovation

To innovate or not to innovate: that is the question!

Using data to drive transformation is a major project that requires the right expertise and mindset.

Discover examples of data-driven innovation, the main pitfalls of a data transformation and the main surprising conclusions according to data experts through a series of short videos.

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Open Innovation has always been and remains a major differentiating factor!

It is an approach at the heart of the reflection and deployment of the digital transformations that we implement.

- Jérôme Malzac
Innovative Chief Officer

Discover Les Zinnovants!

By combining data created from multiple sources, you will enrich your business understanding, improve decision-making and processes, and potentially discover new business opportunities.

But it's not a seamless transition!

Watch the 2 Zinnovants videos to discover what you need to do first to lay the foundations for transforming data into innovation.

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zinnovants 3
Turning data into innovation
Make the most of and exploit the data.
Rethink the organization and gain in competitiveness.
Benefit from experts in your data environment.